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Little Vixen

Little Vixen





You need to be a fox to catch me

You need to be vulpes to know me

You need to be dominant to seduce me

You need to have paws to hold me

You need to be naughty to tease me

You need to be wild to make love to me

Because ....

I'm the Little Vixen

Think you can mess with me

Well screw that

It will be you who would want me

I'll be hot in bed

I'll make you realize what lust really is

I'll get you begging for more

I'll work my paws on you

I'll make you feel like you have never felt before

I'm the Little Vixen

Think you can get me so easily

Well whatever you say

It will all be in your dreams

Don't take me for the sex kitten

You're wrong because I'm the little vixen

Great extraVagance

Less Innocence

Greater seXuality

Lesser lovE

You can't eNtrap me

And if you think you can

Then. Cum. And. Get. Me.

Little Vixen - 2/11/2011




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