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Sexy Assistant Manager

I work as an assistant manager at a bank. I love to dress sexy but conservative. I had worn a new suit at work that included a pencil skirt that was knee length and fitted. Walking from my office to the lobby I had dropped some papers. I was talking to a customer and many people were in the lobby. Anyway without thinking I bent at the knee to quickly pick up the items then stand up. In that 30 seconds there was a loud RIP and then I ended up falling down. The skirt ripped up the back all the way to the waist and had fallen to my ankles tripping me. I was sprawled on the floor in just my pantyhose showing all. I left my skirt in the floor and went running to the bathroom trying to cover myself with my hands. I could here laughter and cheers. Worse it was all taped on the security cameras. I had to take the week off and even today I hear giggles from my coworkers.


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