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Ugly Man Wanting To Marry Super Girl

A very ugly and conceited young man, wanting to get married, went to a matchmaker and asked for help finding a wife.  "I want someone utterly beautiful and totally exceptional."

"I have just the girl," says the matchmaker. "She's rich, intelligent, and absolutely stunning."

"Hold it," Said the young man, suddenly suspicious.  "Why is she still single?"

"I admit," said the matchmaker, "that she has one tiny problem."

"I thought so."

"No, it's nothing very terrible.  It's just that one day every year, she goes a little bit crazy.  Doesn't cause any trouble, just a bit weird.  After it's over, she's fine for an entire year."

"I can live with that," said the young man. "Where is she?"

"Not right now" said the matchmaker.  "If you want to her to marry you, you'll have to wait a bit."

"Until when?" the ugly and conceited man asked eagerly.

"Until the day she goes crazy.


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