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Elementary School Kiss

She stood in front of a mirror, looking at herself. She didn't cry, but she hardly seemed real either. She reached out with her hand and traced her reflection. She wore her new graduation dress, one that hadn't been worn before. She sighed and closed her eyes. Taking a step back, she imgained her graduation night. But more, she imagined him.

"I've known you since I came to this school in grade one," she whispered as if she was talking to him, "and even then, I felt invisible. In grade two, you stole my heart. You took it and never gave it back to me. In grade three, I forgot about you, and in grade four...well, I don't remember. But in grade five, you were there, same with grade six, seven and now eight. What I don't get is how through everything we've been through, we can still just be friends. Friends without any rules. Because if we had some rules, you probably still wouldn't have my heart without you knowing it, and I wouldn't be standing here."

Her eyes flickered open. She was doing it. She wasn't in front of the mirror anymore. She was standing in front of him with tears streaming down her face. She took a deep breath and said, "I don't want to be just friends. I don't care if you're going to another highschool and we have a long summer in front of us. I just thought I should tell you...I like you. Like, I really do like you. Like, you're the first guy I look for when I walk into a room, and I've memorized every moment with you, like you. I get all nervous around, talk a mile a minute, don't make sense sometimes either, but it's really your fault."

She closed her eyes again, imagining what she said in front of that mirror. What she was dying to tell him. She whispered, wondering if he was still there, "I don't know how else to do this. I just need to know, do...if I had asked you to grad, would you have said yes or no?"

"Yes," he murmered. She hadn't prepared herself for this. He was really close to her now. She'd practice her speech for if he'd said no. She blinked and stared at him. He murmered, "God, yes. I thought I was invisible to you. Like nothing I'd ever do would be good enough. But apparently, we both keep secrets from our friends."

He leaned in and gave her that awkward Elementary school kiss.

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